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The Lost Village was created to preserve content from Beyond the Camera’s Lens, a central Fatal Frame fandom community for over fifteen years. Many thanks to Emi for creating the site and keeping it going for as long as it did! We can never fully replace BCL, but we’re hoping to make sure that the resources and information collected on that site won’t be lost to time.

We’re currently working on rebuilding the Zero Wiki from backups (link), and this blog will have updates about the site and any official Fatal Frame-related news that may come in future. (Fingers crossed!) Currently there are no plans to resurrect the forums, which were declining in activity for years even before the site went down, but you can still browse the old posts on the Wayback Machine, or come and hang out with former members and new faces on our Discord.

Comments, questions and suggestions are welcome, as are requests for specific things you might be missing from the old BCL. Let’s hope for good things in 2021!


  1. I just found out about this. Such a damn shame that the old site went down, or whatever happened to it. Thanks for preserving it as best you can, it was a great Wiki. I have one question though; are you planning to restore the Japanese language pages? I always liked how convenient it was to view the Game Notes pages and switch back and forth between English and Japanese if I wanted to view one version of a note or another.

    1. Thank you for sticking with us! Yeah, the Japanese text is being restored gradually – we’re going to have it in a tab on the same page rather than separate. Here’s one of the notes where it’s been implemented so you can see what it’ll look like:


      Sorry for the delay in getting them up – I’m going to push this weekend to try and get at least FF1 and FF2 done, and Anwyll’s working on FF4 as well. 🙂

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